Austin + Katy | Proposal - Barkis & Co - Big Sur, Monterey, Carmel, California and Worldwide Destination, Elopement, Engagement, Proposal, and Wedding Photographer
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Austin + Katy | Proposal

Austin contacted me a few weeks prior to proposing to his beautiful girlfriend, Katy. At the time, they were long distance between Texas and California, and this trip was in celebration of Katy’s birthday. Little did she know, he had planned to propose on the beautiful coastline of Big Sur, California. They love the ocean and cliffs, and Austin knew he wanted a location that overlooked the water, but also an opportunity for Katy to dress up and have engagements done on the beach at sunset since their opportunities together are somewhat limited. Austin proposed during a foggy Big Sur morning while we hid in the bushes pretending to be tourists. Katy was completely taken by surprise and was stunned to find out Austin custom designed her dream ring by Heidi Gibson Designs.