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With everything that’s been going on over the past few months, and then finally the launch of our new site (!) I have been barely able to keep up with the blogging, let alone the personal blogging. Well, in an effort to change that, here is a recap from our first trip to the Grand Canyon way back in October of 2015. This trip was just crazy, we had just gotten our roof tent and had it on top of our Chevy Sonic. We drove from Monterey CA to San Antonio, TX and stopped a ton of places along the way. It was great. More on that later.

The Grand Canyon really was spectacular. We’ve been to a few of the super iconic national parks, and this one was up there on the list. I was really enjoying the entire drive to the South Rim view point, and we saw beautiful sights along the way. The signs of fall are one of my very favorite. As we got to the South Rim, it was the iconic viewpoint you see in all the photos. There were pathways and it was really easy to get there and see it. Much to our surprise, countless people were herding out to the viewpoint, taking a picture, then going right back to their cars what the heck?! That’s definitely not our style. We first adventured further around the South Rim. Austin just about gave me a heart attack when he decided to adventure out to a little rock further out, in flip flops.

After that scare, we decided to venture to the North Rim and see what that was about. We arrived just minutes before sunset, and got to watch the sun set on the canyon. The colors were magnificent. I am so overwhelmed by the timing of our arrival, even still. I think if we ever return, we will go straight to the North Rim and probably try to reserve something that got us down in the bottom, maybe rafting! Who knows. 15-10-Austin-Nicole-Travels-Grand-Canyon-2








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