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This is something I’ve struggled with, admittedly. I love shooting, I’ve worked on investing in my gear, and now I know how I shoot, but I realized I don’t know exactly how I want to proceed (the themes, the patterns) within my editing. This means, no matter how consistent my shooting is, if it doesn’t translate into my editing pattern, it will result in a lack of consistency across the board. Instagram is going to be the death of me, I swear. I look at my posts and I realize there’s areas I love, and areas I wish I had fixed. But that’s part of the growth.
It’s not easy to admit you’re in a growth season.
But the moment I realized I was, I embraced it full force.

I immediately realized my clients deserve better as we moved forward.
That is why I invested in furthering my education through a posing course, and a consistency course over the winter. Even just two weeks in, I already have my eyes opened to everything I have wanted to achieve, but wasn’t quite sure how to get there.
I am so excited to add this value to my upcoming clients.

You can never stop learning, and I am embracing that full force.

I am SO excited for this growth, and I would be more than happy to help anyone interested in learning from what I have learned! Stay tuned for mentor availability – In person and online.

For the longest time, I was concerned about how “big” I wanted to get. See, I love photography as a hobby – as a passion. That makes me a photographer no matter what I do, right? But every time I would try to start a business out of it, every time I got more than a handful of clients, I got scared and would stop accepting bookings. Then, after a few months without shooting, I really missed it, and started the cycle over again.

See, this time is different. I’m not sure what changed, but I’ve finally passed that hurdle (a big shout out to my awesome husband for encouraging and pushing me whenever I needed it). We had the pleasure of working with over 40 brides and grooms this year, and more proposals, engagements and sessions than I can even count.

Now, it’s time to grow the Barkis + Co. brand.

Photography, or any subjective art field is a little bit of a struggle at first. You need to work to work (for photography, you need to work really hard to get a handful of clients that you can practice on in the beginning), so you can learn while you’re working. Then, you continue learning as you’re working. For photographers, or at least for me, this begins with learning your equipment, learning your light, and learning the technical aspects of everything. But nobody really seems to talk about that next step. Once you’re confident with your gear, with your environment, with posing your couples…
Then what? You’re done? No, not really… Then you need to learn your style, your process, your brand, your experience.

Barkis + Co. is committed to providing couples with awesome experiences. We’ve been on the opposite side of the lens and had a very impersonal shoot, and while we love our images, we can’t help but think of how that photographer made us feel (somewhat used, honestly) during that shoot. From that moment on, we were committed to making sure no couple of ours ever felt that way again. That’s part of the reason we shoot together – basically forcing double dates on all our clients 😉 Just kidding.
But seriously, the fun is what matters nolvadex tablets online. The fun produces great images. The experience is so important to our brand.

Once you identify what is most important to your brand, then you can move forward with defining the rest of your style.

You may notice some changes (especially on Instagram) of our editing style as we move forward. That’s okay! We’re embracing it.

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