About Us

Hello There!
Our philosophy is simple…

We understand you don’t have your photos taken professionally every day. That’s why our number one goal is to provide you with one heck of a fun experience. Our shooting style is candid, with a lifestyle feel. We prefer to utilize natural light whenever possible, and ideally our subjects will not even know we’re there most of the time. Gone are the days of stuffy images and uncomfortable posing. We implement refined, yet relaxed and candid posing guidance during your session to ensure you look and feel your best throughout every shot. Since we shoot together as husband and wife, it allows everyone to relax a bit – Austin is great at getting guys comfortable, and we always have the best time with our couples, even the husbands don’t want to stop shooting at the end.


Myself (Nicole) and Austin are the photographers behind Barkis + Co. Married for 3 and a half years, we’re a simple, fun loving couple who loves adventure. To get a better idea of who we are & what we do when we’re not behind the camera professionally, check out our personal post section here. or be sure to follow along on Instagram.

We are coffee obsessed, love our two little fur-babies (two ridiculous pomchi pups named Yoshi & Bowser), retro gaming, german engineering & all-things-food. We seem to have a never ending sweet tooth and always love coffee dates with awesome people.

Random Facts About Us:

+ We have been to Disneyland over 300 times.
+ We usually have 2 coffees per day.
+ Our espresso of choice is a double tall Vanilla latte, or double tall Carmel Macchiato.
+ We run three businesses, all of which are digital service providers.
+ We met through business, it was love at first sight, and we haven’t left each other’s side since.
+ We absolutely love travel, road trips, and adventure. That is why we offer complimentary photography for destination coverage when travel and lodging is paid — contact us for more info if this sounds exciting to you!
We love the beach, and are lucky enough to currently live less than a mile from one of our favorite beaches.

We firmly believe your real-life moments being lovingly preserved through professional photojournalism have far surpassed the days of posed images in a department store. Photographs give life to your story, and everyone deserves to have theirs told beautifully.

Our Story

Austin and I were both born and raised in the Pacific Northwest (Olympia, Washington to be exact). Our love for all things creative is what brought us together, and continues to allow us to succeed today. We met in 2011 over an innocent coffee, thanks to photography. I took photos for his clothing company in Seattle, which became the beginning of our love story. During a trip to California, Austin proposed under the Perseid Meteor Shower in 2012. We knew California would always have a special place in our hearts, but never knew we’d be able to call such a beautiful state home.

In 2013 we moved to Orange County, California, essentially on a whim. As our web development business grew, we moved 3 times between various cities, trying to find the perfect place for us to call home. We fell in love with the town of Fullerton, and spent nearly every day at Disneyland for fun thanks to two years of being annual pass holders. After over 2 years of being engaged, we decided it was finally time to get married. We eloped on a portion of secluded California Coast in a private ceremony just for three under the most magical pink skies I’ve ever witnessed.

After living in Southern California for about 2 years, we realized it just wasn’t the perfect home for us.

Everyone asks how we went from Southern California to Monterey. That jump from Southern to Central California was a lucky one. We were so sick of our materialistic life and the speed that SoCal moves, we decided to go minimalist. In the middle of 2014, we sold all our stuff, moved out of our big 2 bed 2 bath Southern California apartment, purchased a Teardrop Trailer, and traveled. We lived on the road for about 9 months. The two of us, our two dogs, a 4×9 Teardrop, and our Mini Cooper. Our original intention was to travel the entire country , and catalog it via blog. Knowing Southern California wasn’t where we wanted to live forever, the goal was to find our “forever home city”. Within 6 months, we found Big Sur and Monterey and immediately fell in love. We continued traveling, but the pull to the sweet coastal town remained so strong, we decided to end our journey and choose Monterey and the Central California Coast as our forever “home base”.

There’s something about the Central California Coast, especially Big Sur, that is just magical. You just feel it when you are here. I honestly don’t know how else to explain it. The lack of cell reception, the abundance of natural wonder, it’s something we will never tire of looking at. Capturing engagements, elopements and weddings on the coast (and beyond) are by far our favorite things. What’s your story? We would love to hear it!

A peek behind the scenes with Nicole