About Us - Barkis & Co - Photography Team - Big Sur, Ca & Beyond
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About Us

we love good coffee + great people

image by Dawn Photo


Husband and wife creative types with a passion for adventure. Our favorite things include dogs, tacos, finding new places + meeting authentic people.

Fun facts about Austin + Nicole: We’ve been to Disneyland over 300 times. We usually have 2 coffees per day (but are slowly switching coffee #2 to tea!). Our espresso of choice is a double tall vanilla latte or a double tall carmel macchiato. We run three businesses, all of which are digital service providers. We met through business. It was love at first sight + we haven’t left each other’s side since. We absolutely love travel, road trips, and adventure! That is why we are ready + willing to follow you wherever your love story takes you for as affordable as we can make it. We’ve been together nearly 6 years, married nearly 4.

image by Cassidy Carson


Our story has taken us from Olympia Washington (both born + raised) to Fullerton California for two years, living on the road full-time for nearly a year, then settling down in Monterey California.

When you know, you know. We are firm believers in this. We met and moved in together almost immediately. We got engaged during a trip to California just over 6 months after we began dating. We moved to California shortly thereafter to follow our dreams of working for ourselves. We had a long engagement of nearly two years, before eloping on a private ceremony for 3 on the coast of San Simeon, California. After two years of living in Southern California, we decided we wanted to find somewhere more “us”. We sold nearly everything we owned, added a tow hitch to our Mini Cooper, and bought a fiddleback maple teardrop trailer. Along with our two small dogs, we lived on and traveled through the entire west coast for nearly a year. While traveling through Big Sur and Monterey, we hatched a plan to make this our forever home base. And that’s exactly what we did. The rest is history. We would love to hear your story!


Our hope is to continually have more time – More time adventuring together, more time meeting amazing people, and more time to really enjoy life.

We accomplish this in part thanks to photography.
While we’ve been shooting for over 6 years, we’ve only recently been able to put the amount of love and care into it that it truly deserves. Our other businesses are beginning to thrive and somewhat run themselves, which allows us to focus more on our passions: being together, traveling, creating art, and meeting wonderful + like-minded people. Barkis + Co. allows this to happen, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us.