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We’re passionate about capturing your love story,
wherever it may take you.

We are husband and wife creatives based in beautiful Monterey California, providing lifestyle photography for those madly in love and willing to adventure. We firmly believe your real-life moments being lovingly preserved through professional photojournalism have far surpassed the days of posed images in a department store. Photographs give life to your story, and everyone deserves to have theirs told beautifully. We currently provide lifestyle photography for couples weddings, elopements, engagements, proposals, adventure sessions + destination coverage as well. If you feel like you are our kind of couple, send us an email!
We would love to hear about your vision + make magic happen.


By hiring a husband + wife duo, it feels like a double date! You’ll immediately feel comfortable and your photos will reflect that.

We understand you don’t have your photos taken professionally every day. That’s why our number one goal is to provide you with one heck of a fun experience. Our shooting style is candid, with a lifestyle feel. We prefer to utilize natural light whenever possible, and ideally, our subjects will not even notice we’re there most of the time. Gone are the days of stuffy images and uncomfortable posing. We implement refined, yet relaxed and candid posing guidance during your session to ensure you look and feel your best throughout every shot.

recent love stories


In a world of endless photographers, we’re different. We aren’t in the business of photography, we’re in the business of people. Photography is our passion.

We offer an exclusive experience for couples who want awe inspiring images, all while touring the one of a kind locations selected especially for you. All our coverage includes comprehensive exploration, planning, and coordination, before shooting even begins. Upon finalization of your unique experience, we are continually available for your consult on the best places to enjoy your stay. From lodging to restaurants, local attractions and seasonal must-do’s, we are here to assist you in having the most wonderful experience we can possibly provide, through and through.


We specialize in creating exceptional client experiences.